Pay-It-Forward 2019

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  • $25

Nanogirl believes that science is for everyone, and the Nanogirl Labs team work hard to ensure that tickets to our Nanogirl Live! events are affordable.  All tickets are priced at children’s prices (we don’t charge extra for adults), and we keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

Despite those efforts, for some New Zealanders, theatre shows like this are still a very special event that do not fit within the family budget.  Through our ‘Pay-It-Forward programme, you can help make science and engineering accessible for everyone.

For every ‘Pay-It-Forward’ ticket you purchase, you enable someone who would not otherwise have had the chance to see this live science spectacular to come along.  We work with organisations in each centre we visit on tour to distribute these tickets in the community. To date, we have helped over 2,000 young New Zealanders enjoy our shows with your support.

Our research with the University of Auckland has shown that our live theatre show can have a life-changing impact on young people, exciting and inspiring them in the critical fields of science and engineering.  Your gift could change a life.

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