Nanogirl's Science Starter Gift Pack

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A fantastic science gift pack for budding young scientists.

Find the hidden microscopic details all around you with your smartphone clip-on microscope, keep a record of your science adventures with your Nanogirl Lab Notebook and Pen, and have fun learning about the science of sound as you hum a tune with your Nanogirl Kazoo!


Smartphone clip-on microscope

This microscope provides a 60x magnification and clips on easily to most smartphones and tablet devices. Simply turn on the camera and place the microscope onto any surface to see microscopic details.

With a simple twist, you can activate an LED light to better view your specimen or activate the UV light to see UV sensitive materials.

Clip-on microscope comes with batteries to power the LED.


Nanogirl Lab Notebook with Sticker Labels & Pen

The perfect notebook to help you keep track of your science experiments - or just what's going on in your life!  Nanogirl's lab notebook contains over 100 sticky labels and 60 lined pages wire-bound with a natural card cover, printed with the Nanogirl beaker logo. The notebook comes complete with the Nanogirl pen!


Nanogirl Kazoo

Hum all your favourite tunes with this fun instrument that anyone can play and is sure to bring plenty of enjoyment. Explore the science of sound vibrations, seeing how high and how low you can play your kazoo.

Each Nanogirl kazoo comes with its own natural card storage tube and is laser engraved with Nanogirl.