Nanogirl's Science Explorer Gift Pack

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Get ready to explore the world through a whole new lens! With your Nanogirl backpack on your back you'll be ready for a science adventure. Attach your smartphone clip-on microscope to discover the microscopic wonders hiding in plain sight all around us, and record your findings with your very own Nanogirl notebook and pen.


Nanogirl backpack

Perfect for carrying around all the gear you need for exploring science at school, the park, or a day trip! 

Each bag comes with comfortable padded straps and is internally lined and padded. Full zip closures with easy access loops, and a separate front pocket for quick access to smaller items.

Dimensions 42cm x 15cm x 30cm, suitable for most school books, folders and drink bottles. Made with durable polyester. 


Smartphone clip-on microscope

This microscope provides a 60x magnification and clips on easily to most smartphones and tablet devices. Simply turn on the camera and place the microscope onto any surface to see microscopic details.

With a simple twist, you can activate an LED light to better view your specimen or activate the UV light to see UV sensitive materials.

Clip-on microscope comes with batteries to power the LED.


Nanogirl Lab Notebook and Pen

Nanogirl's lab notebook contains over 100 sticky labels and 60 lined pages wire-bound with a natural card cover, printed with the Nanogirl beaker logo.

The notebook comes complete with the Nanogirl pen!