Nanogirl's Curiosity Box

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Nanogirl's Curiosity Box is filled with science and engineering experiments, discoveries and other amazing activities for you to create on your science adventure!

We’ve teamed up with Curiosity Box and The University of Oxford in the UK to make experiments that will help you practice your science and engineering skills.

Each kit comes with a pair of safety goggles, safety  gloves and science trump cards as well as the following four experiments:

Hot Ice - an exothermic reaction that causes a hot structure to grow when you mix two chemicals together!

Electric Art - an electronics kit that teaches circuit building through art using copper tape and led bulbs. 

Elf snot - mix together two chemicals to make a green and goey slime.

Cipher wheel - can you crack the code and find the secret message by building your own code breaker?

Perfect for your scientist at home, keeping them busy and encouraging them to stay curious!

Suitable for ages 6+ with adult supervision.


PLEASE NOTE This product is not able to be shipped outside of New Zealand.